This is what we're lobbying for. It's a fair and effective way of tackling climate change.
Place an escalating price on carbon.
Return all revenue raised to the public.


The Future of Carbon Pricing launch

This week has been hugely exciting in the fight to combat climate change. A CCL UK contingent sat down with civil servants, journalists and energy companies on Wednesday (10 Oct 2018) to hear the hotly anticipated launch of Policy Exchange’s ‘The Future of Carbon Pricing’ report. In the same week, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on…

William Nordhaus

A thrilling week in climate change!

The Nobel Prize for Economics has been won by carbon pricing advocates, William Nordhaus and Paul Romer. This week has been a seismic shift in the fight against climate change and for CCL across the world. In the same week as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said we had to move much more…

Pope Francis at Vargihna

Pope on climate crisis: Continue to work for radical change

An international conference was held in Rome in July to mark the third anniversary of Pope Francis’ landmark encyclical, “Laudato si’: On Care for our Common Home.” The two-day conference focused on the theme “Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth.” Pope Francis noted the “increasingly accurate assessments” of the scientific…


Policy Exchange

National campaign

Big step forward in fixing climate change! An exciting report has just been released, recommending ‘an independent carbon tax with dividends’ – which is the Citizens’ Climate Lobby preferred solution to climate change and air pollution. As we understand it, Policy Exchange, widely viewed as Britain’s leading think tank and the author of the report,…


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Eric Gilbert

How long does our liveable climate have?

Join Professor Dave Waltham and weather enthusiast Eric Gilbert to discuss weather since 1984, how much time for action we have to keep within the 1.5 degrees global temperature rise, and how a carbon fee and dividend can help. Tuesday 23 October 2018, 7.30pm In person: the Enterprise Centre at St John’s School, Marlborough, Wiltshire…

One Great George Street

The Future of Carbon Pricing – POSTPONED

MESSAGE FROM THE POLICY EXCHANGE: Please note that we are delaying publication of our report on carbon pricing until Tuesday 17th July, and the event is postponed until October. This is an event organised by the Policy Exchange, a London-based think tank that has influenced a lot of Conservative party policy. One of the guest…

Climate Damages Tax Campaign Launch

The launch of a campaign organised by Stamp Out Poverty proposing, by the sounds of the intro, a carbon tax with the revenue paid to the Green Climate Fund or similar to pay for the damage caused by carbon emissions. The panel includes: Ralph Regenvanu MP Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vanuatu Barry Gardiner MP Shadow Minister for International…

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