This is what we're lobbying for. It's a fair and effective way of tackling climate change.
Place an escalating price on carbon.
Return all revenue raised to the public.


Climate Museum

Conference news: Climate Museum / Hope for the Future

Climate Museum Throughout the conference this Saturday 16th March (from 10am-4pm) the Climate Museum will be in the main body of the National Self-Build Centre. The first rule of Climate Museum is talk about Climate Change! Climate Museum is a pop-up museum of ‘loose parts’ – props and curious objects, infographics, games, activities and a library…

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, Widnes by Alan Godfree

Latest carbon pricing news

A House of Lords sub-committee (recording above) grilled Rt Hon Claire Perry MP (Devizes) Constituency, Robert Jenrick MP (Newark) and the Treasury on plans for carbon pricing, post-Brexit, on 27 Feb 2018. If we have it right, here’s the Government’s position: – they are committed to tackling climate change regardless of status in EU. – to…

conference 2019

Conference: how to make a difference

Louisa Davison writes about the first UK conference, 16 March 2019, Swindon. Many people concerned – angry – about climate change ask themselves: “Is there any point talking to my MP? Will the Government do anything about this catastrophic problem facing our species and our world? Won’t they just do whatever they want to do…


dividend cheque

URGENT campaign – Brexit and climate change

We have twelve years to bring down greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. It is the biggest threat to our world and our species. We think the best way to do this is to tax fossil fuels at source and give the money back to citizens, in a dividend. And you can help create the…


Cutting Wiltshire Emissions

It’s all very well demanding that Wiltshire Council declares a Climate Emergency but what can it actually do? The reaction of several councillors was a request that we set out concrete, practical steps. That seems reasonable to me and here are some ideas. To start with, we need a target. How many tonnes of carbon…

A Stone Circle for the 21st Century

Wiltshire produces more solar-electricity than any other county in the UK but we’re joint 190th for wind energy. In fact, we produce about 6000 times more energy from the Sun than we do from the wind. That’s quite a contrast and we could do better. Of course, many people find wind farms ugly and don’t…

Demonstrators outside County Hall.

What next for the climate emergency?

So the first rule of attending a conference on climate change and what we can do about it is not to add to the carbon emitted by getting there. So, Milly, Dave and I all traveled up by train to Lancaster to the Climate Emergency conference. (I love trains but at £118 for the journey,…

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Suzi Shingler

How to be an effective lobbyist

Wednesday 6 February 2019, 8pm, online at   Join campaigner, Suzi Shingler, as she shares how to successfully lobby your MP, in this interactive session online. Suzi is a passionate environmentalist, with specialisms in agriculture, food policy and animal welfare. Campaign manager for the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics – an alliance of health,…

conference pic

CCL UK Conference 2019: How to make a difference

Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK’s first conference, Saturday 16 March 2019, National Self-Build Centre, Swindon! Please click here to book a place (via Eventbrite). The conference will support volunteers to be effective grassroots activists and lobbyists with lively talks and fun workshops. Tickets to include tea, coffee, water, cake and biscuits. Bring your own lunch (or…

Peter Wadhams

Peter Wadhams, sea ice scientist

Join us online Monday 10th December, 8pm, for a Q&A with Peter Wadhams, eminent sea ice scientist and author of the book, A Farewell to Ice: a report from the Arctic. Peter will talk about his work, how it shows the need to urgently tackle climate change, and why carbon fee and dividend is a…

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