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IMF argues for a international carbon price

An IMF blog about a new paper entitled Proposal for an International Carbon Price Floor among Large Emitters  yesterday argued that a globally applied carbon price to cut GHG emissions by 1/4 to a 1/2 over the next  decade is necessary to keep global warming below 2°C…….At the heart of our policy discussions with member…

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UN Climate Change Conference – Final Day

Many of this month’s meetings have been eye-opening but, in the closing plenary this morning, I struggled to keep my eye’s open. Final statements were pretty much identical to opening statements 3 weeks earlier. That begs the question “what was it all for?” The sessions have highlighted, ever more clearly, the areas in which there…

UN Climate Change Conference – Day 15

You may be wondering what happened to Day 14. There is a day 14 blog, written early yesterday morning, but I have not yet published it. I should explain why. Yesterday’s meting was rather exciting. A certain country with significant emissions, supported by another country with large fossil-fuel exports, attempted to stop observers and all…


SOS Colombia

CCL Columbia needs help

It’s been almost a month of no sleeping, helping human rights defenders, and hearing the citizens screaming for help. Every night keeps getting worse. Right now the situation is very difficult, the president is not allowing the international commission for human rights to enter the country, and keeps denying the human right violation committed by…


How do we talk to ‘big oil’?

We had a very interesting national meeting this month entitled ‘How could the oil industry help decarbonise the global economy?’ It included a panellist from the US, Dr Larry Kremer,who  joined two of our UK CCL expert members, Dave Waltham, Professor of Geophysics, who used to lecture about releasing oil and now lectures about how…

The power of the pen/keyboard!

The CCL Media Team (open to anyone) inspires members to write to newspapers and journals. We alert each other to opportunities and encourage each other’s efforts. It seems to be getting easier to get letters published because of the growing concern about climate change. I wrote a letter in response to the article by Mark…

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CCL Devizes group meeting

Last Wednesday of the month, 8pm. While the ongoing coronavirus restrictions are in place, we are meeting online, click here to register. Come and meet us to learn about the CCL policy to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change and how to create political will – learn about lobbying our MP, Danny…

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New members introduction

New to CCL? Come and meet us and find out about the way we think greenhouse gas emissions could be slashed – Climate Income – and how we work. Register here (via Zoom)

National online meeting

Every third Tuesday of the month, 8pm, Virtually meet other members of CCL across the UK. Gen up on the latest campaigns and news. Share your frustrations and successes. Looking forward to seeing you. To register for 2021 meetings, click here. *Via Zoom. If you have not used Zoom on this device before it will…

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