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Canada upholds carbon fee and dividend

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada breathed a sigh of relief when the Supreme Court upheld the lawfulness of a carbon fee and dividend pricing, which was instated January 2019. On 25th March 2021, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the federal government has the right to impose minimum carbon-pricing standards on…

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Carbon Income Calculator

Ever wanted to have a better idea of what the effect of carbon fee and dividend would be on your household bills and how this would change over the years as the carbon-price goes up but emissions go down? Well we’ve just added a Carbon Income Calculator to our new-look website so that you can…

climate emergency

March meeting: How to engage local councillors

Speaker Kevin Frea (Climate Emergency UK), Tuesday 16th March, 8pm With local elections coming up, how do we engage local councillors in climate action? Some have asked: should we focus our action on local councils? Although MPs directly have influence on national policy (and we are asking for a national policy on greenhouse gas emissions)…


climate emergency

Update on ‘A climate summit in every county’.

Our speaker at the March meeting was Kevin Frea, who is a Deputy leader of Lancaster City Council, Council Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Rural Affairs and founder of Climate Emergency UK. Kevin pointed out that while 3/4 of UK councils have declared a climate emergency and 126 councils have set a target to…


Time to Push BCAs?

Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) are key to making any form of carbon pricing work. They involve placing tariffs on high-carbon goods imported from nations without carbon pricing and giving tax refunds to UK businesses exporting to such countries. Without such controls, any attempt to reduce UK emissions by carbon pricing simply results in loss of…

Richard Day

Climate Income and how to influence your local MP!

I became interested in joining Citizens Climate Lobby after attending an excellent presentation on Climate Income (CF & D) in Devizes from CCL activist Dave Waltham in 2019. After Dave’s talk I decided that the best way to get CCL’s message across to our top politicians was to contact my local MP, who is obliged…

Come back Mark Carney, we need you – Canada has already got it!

If we still had Mark Carney as the Governor of the Bank of England we might have been looking forward to a COP 26 where the UK delegation steers the world away from climate change disaster. The UK would be encouraging other countries to follow its example by adopting CF&D and Border Carbon Adjustments. I…

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Vince Schutt

Motivational Interview Training

How to have an impactful conversation about climate change! Vince Schutt, from, gives training on how to win trust and get action on climate change. Not only does it work, but it also takes the pressure off trying to ‘win’ a conversation and everyone feels good about themselves afterwards. Training sessions: Tuesdays 23rd March,…

National online meeting

Every third Tuesday of the month, 8pm, Virtually meet other members of CCL across the UK. Gen up on the latest campaigns and news. Share your frustrations and successes. Looking forward to seeing you. To register for 2021 meetings, click here. *Via Zoom. If you have not used Zoom on this device before it will…


Tuesday catch ups

Tuesday catch ups are for members to chat informally or talk on a theme or action, in between monthly meetings (every third Tuesday) or training sessions. Register here (Zoom)

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