As Kevin Frea, the speaker at last month’s national meeting told us, we need to seize the opportunity offered by these elections to tell our local representatives about Climate Income and gain their support for this brilliant policy. Climate Change is set to be on the agenda; the Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey, for example, has urged more council involvement in climate policies (BBC). There may even already be an environmental organisation in your area which is coordinating a campaign on this issue, such as Wiltshire Climate Alliance. The Alliance held a debate (Facebook, starts properly at 9.45 mins), involving the Wiltshire leaders of the main political parties on the 15th April.

Although local councils have no say in national fiscal policy many are setting an example to the government by introducing greener policies in areas they do have control over such as social housing and transport, in advance of government regulations.

Councillors can show MPs how much local support there is for green measures and thus, if they realise its benefit, could act as advocates for the policy of Climate Income to national politicians.

We need to contact all the candidates of whatever political party or none.

 On THURSDAY MAY 6th there are elections covering:

Local Councils, Mayoral and London Assembly, Police and Crime Commissioners and the Scottish and Welsh parliaments. All of these institutions have a great deal of influence.

Full information about these elections can be found here:

April 22nd’s action comes in 3 stages:

  1. Check you’ve received your polling card and know where to go to vote.

If you need to register you must do so by 19th April. Apply here

2. Check the names and contact details of the candidates:

Local Elections: Look on your local council website for a list of candidates, do you personally know anyone you could contact?

Mayors, Police and Parliamentarian: Once again if you have a personal contact use it.

3. Contact:

Even if you can’t contact them as a personal contact you can email and ask about their views on climate change and how their role or organisation can influence local and national policy to mitigate climate change. Include your name and postal address so they know you are in their area. Don’t forget to wish them good luck and ask for a response. You may have to look up their contact details on the Who Can I Vote For? website.

Remember this is just the start of a conversation; you can carry on and explain the climate income policy once they have been elected.

Our page on contacting your M.P gives ideas for emails and can easily be adapted: