In The Times online today, front page, an article shows that the Government are looking at a form of Climate Income!

We feel this is the moment for Climate Income – show our support in numbers and the Government may follow through on the proposals.

Families in Britain would be sent annual payments to offset the cost of higher gas bills and encourage a switch to green energy as part of plans under consideration in Whitehall.

The Times, 9 July 2020

Today: ring your MP with your support of this proposal, or message/tweet with the heading/hashtags Energy Offset and #ClimateIncome #fairtransition. With tweets, include the journalists @oliver_wright and @steven_swinford, and at Government: @beisgovuk, @kwasikwarteng and @aloksharma_RDG

Example tweet: I was thrilled to read in The Times that the Government is considering an offset payment for rising fossil fuels bills in the drive to cut carbon. Please make this happen. #energyoffset #climateincome @oliver_wright @steven_swinford @beisgovuk @kwasikwarteng @aloksharma_RDG

Email [email protected] – Kwasi Kwarteng, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) – and ask for a response – copy in your MP so they can follow it up for you. Copy in or forward to [email protected]

Thank you for your efforts. This is an amazing opportunity!

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