As the fuel price crisis is on everyone’s minds this January member Darrin Charlesworth tops the Letters page in today’s Guardian Online………..

John Vidal’s list (It’s the great green reset: 10 things Britain can do now to save the planet, 3 January) seems very achievable, but I would like to add one more to accelerate change: climate income.

First, introduce a carbon tax across all industries to price emissions into the market, closing a huge economic loophole. By gradually increasing the tax, we not only incentivise lower emissions on the supply side, but we also drive demand for low-carbon alternatives.

Second, redistribute the revenue equally to all citizens. This protects the most vulnerable consumers, who already have smaller carbon footprints, from fuel poverty. The wealthiest people with the biggest carbon footprints would see their costs rise, but for the majority, costs would be neutral.

Third, introduce carbon border adjustments. This policy would prevent emissions being transferred offshore, but also protect many UK businesses, especially our vibrant small business community, from competitors in countries without a carbon tax. This policy would help drive many of the others at a time when we need real urgency.
Darrin Charlesworth
Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK

Congratulations Darrin for succinctly and elegantly summarising how Climate Income would enable the true price of carbon to be reached – thus making decarbonisation a no brainer without impoverishing everyone!