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This is what we're lobbying for. It's a fair and effective way of tackling climate change.
Place an escalating price on carbon.
Return all revenue raised to the public.


Henley on Thames

Henley Group News – Using the Sugar Tax?

At a lively meeting of Henley’s CCLUK meeting on June 4th, we discussed how to create media follow-up to our most recent campaign and took up the challenge from the CCL UK ‘mother ship’ to publish in newspapers. We discussed guidance from several sources – the CCL US website, a local business meeting where one of…

France pushes EU to strengthen carbon price

In a speech on 22nd March at the European Commission conference on sustainable finance in Brussels, French President Emmanuel Macron argued for a higher carbon price plus carbon tariffs at Europe’s borders. He said that the successful transition to a low-carbon economy requires financial market reforms to  drive investment into clean technologies. Though this was…

Spring newsletter

Happy spring! Our latest plans, campaign, news on local groups and new members. 2018 planning Advisory Group Workday – seven of us met at the end of January to draft the 2018 strategy, and we had a wonderfully productive time. Look out for our next one – if you enjoy the buzz of working at…


Spring campaign – end fossil fuel subsidies

Did you know that fossil fuels are still being subsidised by our government with our tax? On June 6th, the G7 – the seven countries who represent half the world’s economic output – will meet in Ottawa. We need to send them a strong message. In 2016 the G7 agreed to phase out fossil fuel…


The political polarisation of climate change

Climate change is often seen as a leftwing issue. Those on the left are more likely than those on the right to see climate change as a major problem. Labour voters are twice as likely as Conservative voters to be very concerned about climate change and to accept that it is caused by human activity.…

A Voice from Our History –  The 1833 Slavery Abolition Act

On Friday 1st August 1834 the Slavery Abolition Act, which had been passed the previous year in Parliament, came into force.  The gradual freeing of slaves throughout the British Empire began and was complete by 1838 (except in India which was a few years later).   The Act was principally passed not for economic or…

Peter Kalmus, the no fly climate sci guy

Twitter can be a fine thing. A while ago I chanced upon Peter Kalmus, author of ‘Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution’ and climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I was drawn to follow him because of his positive messaging about how our individual lifestyle choices do indeed count. He…

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One Great George Street

The Future of Carbon Pricing – POSTPONED

MESSAGE FROM THE POLICY EXCHANGE: Please note that we are delaying publication of our report on carbon pricing until Tuesday 17th July, and the event is postponed until October. This is an event organised by the Policy Exchange, a London-based think tank that has influenced a lot of Conservative party policy. One of the guest…

Climate Damages Tax Campaign Launch

The launch of a campaign organised by Stamp Out Poverty proposing, by the sounds of the intro, a carbon tax with the revenue paid to the Green Climate Fund or similar to pay for the damage caused by carbon emissions. The panel includes: Ralph Regenvanu MP Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vanuatu Barry Gardiner MP Shadow Minister for International…

Environmental Drinks in Stockwell, London

Not specifically a CCL event, but one that some CCL members will be at and where carbon pricing is sure to be discussed, so if you’re in London come along. The Priory Arms serves good beer and good food and is only a 5 minute walk from Stockwell tube.

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