• If you’re interested in getting involved in social media activity, this website, video making, newsletters etc. then please join the Digital group. We meet online, usually the third Wednesday of the month, so that’s tonight (sorry for the short notice).

    Meetings are via Zoom, which is similar to Skype. To join the meeting, visit this link at 8pm…[Read more]

  • The Government has been asking people to submit ideas for what kind of carbon pricing we should put in place when we leave the European Union.

    At the moment we are part of the European Union’s Emissions Trading…

  • Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder of Ovo Energy, has launched a campaign called ZeroC, a campaign to shift the world to a zero carbon future, calling for a General Carbon Charge,
    one which would account for carbon…

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  • We’ll be giving an introduction to fee and dividend, with the opportunity for questions and some discussion, and then we’ll look at how we can lobby our London MPs, Assembly Members, Mayor and others. With climate…

    CCL London: Zero Carbon

    Tuesday, Jul 9, 2019, 7:00 PM

    The Three Stags
    67-69 Kennington Rd London, GB

    15 Members Attending

    We are at a crucial point in the effort to restrict global climate change, and a significant moment for Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D). With the UK government currently consulting on carbon pricing, as well as a campaign for change running across the EU, we are at a crossroads with a vital choice to make. Whether you are new to the concept of CF&D, o…

    Check out this Meetup →

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  • Respond to the Government consultation on the best way to tax fossil fuels

    The Government is currently consulting on carbon pricing, in other words, the best way to price the burning of fossil fuels out of our…

  • Charles Appleby, of Saving Our Planet, give his thoughts on the next step for Net Zero

    The UK Government commitment to Net Zero Greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is very welcome.

    This higher commitment by the…

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  • CCL member Gareth Ackland has had his letter published in New Scientist:
    Debora MacKenzie is right to flag up the fear of higher environmental taxes, which could only make life disproportionately harder for the poor…

  • The Time is Now
    Are you attending the Mass Lobby Day, The Time is Now, 26 June 2019?

    Please can you talk to your MP about carbon fee and dividend?

    The Government is currently consulting on carbon pricing – in…

  • Today, 21st June, is #ShowYourStripes day. These stripes, which show a colour for the average temperature of each year, blue for a cool year, red for a warm year, were invented by Ed Hawkins, climate scientist at the…

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    On 11 June 2019, UK PM Theresa May declared Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions would be achieved in the UK by 2050.

    What does this mean for the climate and climate change?

    Here’s a presentation given at our June…

  • Someone alerted us on Twitter the other day to a petition he’s set up:

    The text of the petition is:
    Implement a UK carbon dividend and tax on fossil fuels with immediate effect.

    Carbon fee and dividend is…

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