CCL Background

Citizens’ Climate Change began in the United States and is a non-partisan, grassroots organisation that creates a political will for a stable climate through people-power.

By the end of 2015, there were 310 chapters in the US, with volunteers in 46 states, with international chapters in eight countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal, Sweden and CCL UK with more to come.  CCL is truly grassroots, with only about a dozen full-time and four part-time staff, and an ever-growing network of volunteers.  

The UK chapter was established in 2015.

Combined, these volunteers have been publishing an average of 6 letters to the editor EACH DAY of 2014. These letters to the editor are only a piece of our efforts to generate political will. We meet  with legislators (679 meetings in 2013), with editorial boards (20 editorial endorsements of our policy in 2013), and engage with community leaders to gain their support for our proposal.

Former Nasa researcher James Hansen, who is hailed as the father of climate change awareness, said,

Most impressive is the work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby…If you want to join the fight to save the planet, to save creation for your grandchildren, there is no more effective step you could take than becoming an active member of this group.

Leading British environmentalist and writer Jonathon Porritt, CBE, said,

I’ve been an active supporter of the Tax & Dividend approach for a long time – and basically pegged all the most important policy proposals in the US around this in my latest book, The World We Made!