Climate Income

Climate Income - fair on people, good for the climate

A kind and fast tool to help curb climate change.

Climate Income works by tackling the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases – burning fossil fuels. But Citizens’ Climate Lobby don’t advocate a painful ban – we want them cheerfully obsolete.

  • When businesses extract or import fossil fuels, they pay a fee. This rises each year.
  • The money collected is given back to UK residents as a Climate Incomeall adults get the same amount, half for children.
  • UK exports get a rebate on the fee to ensure fair competition. (And other countries will want to adopt their own carbon fee so they don’t give money to the UK.)

Climate Income is also known as Carbon Fee and Dividend.

Climate Income (or Carbon Fee & Dividend) Explained

How it works

How does it cut greenhouse gas emissions?

In a nutshell, it makes burning fossil fuels more expensive.

This means consumers will switch to cheaper (ie cleaner) alternatives, and it will be uneconomical for business to burn fossil fuels.

We’ve already seen the effect of a rising price – the development of electric cars and renewable energy is becoming the safer investment.

In the meantime, people with vulnerable finances will be protected from the rising costs while the UK switches to clean energy, and government will not come to rely on the revenue (as they have with smoking, alcohol and fuel duty).

Who supports Climate Income?

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