Information for policy makers on climate income / carbon fee and dividend

This page updated December 2020

If you are a UK policymaker, here are some fact-finding links to support research into:

  • whether a climate income (carbon fee & dividend CF&D) is the correct mechanism for curbing a substantial amount of fossil fuel-generated greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)
  • how a UK CF&D carbon pricing instrument (CPI) can be shaped

To discuss this in more depth, in the first instance, please contact Louisa Davison.

Carbon Fee & Dividend in depth (prepared by CCL EU)

UK reports

Working with an emissions trading system (ETS)

– The CF&D instrument, methodology, coverage and fairness and how it would work with an ETS.

This briefing was prepared for the EU Inception Impact Assessment – Ares(2020)1350037, Carbon Border Adjustment mechanism, for the European Green Deal

How does it work in Canada?

British Columbia, Canada has had CF&D since 2008; it was then introduced to other Canadian provinces without a similarly effective carbon price (ie a backstop) in January 2019.

Overview of Canada’s CPI

Canada’s greenhouse gas inventory

Canada’s estimated results of the federal carbon pollution pricing system

Modelling of a carbon fee and dividend by think tank, Clean Prosperity (Nov, 2020)

How does it work in Swizerland?

Progress in the US

Other organisations