Divvy It!

Divvy it!

Don’t scrap it. Don’t freeze it.

Divvy it!

Scrap VAT on home heating bills? Freeze fuel duty?

What about Climate Change?

We don’t have to scrap VAT, or freeze fuel duty.

We can…

Divvy it!

When we Divvy It, the Government doesn’t keep the money collected from heating VAT or fuel duty.

When we Divvy It, the duty or VAT is divided between everyone in the UK. Equally.*

Doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, how much you spend on heating or cars, you will get the same Divvy.

Which means more money for most people – and fewer emissions for the climate

Burning fossil fuels release the most emissions – from heating our homes to running our cars. Burning fossil fuels drives the worst climate change.

Those who can most afford it cause the biggest emissions

The people who can most afford rising prices usually burn the most fossil fuels – buying more products, driving the biggest cars, heating the biggest homes and taking regular flights. (They buy more emissions!)

But people who can least afford rising prices need to be better off not just in the liveable future, but now too.

The people who can least afford it buy fewer things, drive the smallest cars and heat the smallest homes – they burn fewer fossil fuels. (They buy fewer emissions!)

The people who can least afford it would have more back in a Climate Divvy than they pay out in higher prices.

The people who could least afford it, would have more money in their pockets with a Climate Divvy.

If we Divvy VAT on heating, it could go all the way up to the regular 20 percent because the higher the VAT is, when used as a Divvy, the better off most people will be!

And more people could afford to switch to clean energy. Companies would know they have to create cleaner and cheaper home heating and transport to stay in business.

Some kind of trick? Too good to be true? How will it wean the UK (and the rest of the world) off climate-damaging fossil fuels?

Canada has already proved it works

These people can’t be wrong!

*Dividend, divvy – like the profit payout received by cooperative members or partners, or business shareholders. Full payout for each adult; half for children.