BFI Bar & Kitchen, Belvedere Rd, London

We will be in the bar area, which is close to the Theatre Avenue entrance. There will be a Rubik’s Cube on our table.

We don’t get to meet as often as we would like to, so are taking this opportunity for a more social catch up. This Meetup will follow a meeting some of us are having with the Fairosene campaign, which has a similar aspiration to our campaign for a Climate Income.

This will be a chance to meet other London-based members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, find out more about the Climate Income concept and chat about plans for the year ahead.

In case you can’t make it along, we encourage new members to support this petition to the EU before the end of January:
The UK government currently intends to mirror EU policy in this area, so any policy change there is likely to be repeated in the UK.

And this petition is supporting the Fairosene campaign for the EU to put a tax on aviation fuel:

You can also find us on Twitter here:
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