Ireland is seriously considering carbon fee and dividend, as reported by CCL group leaders today, 29 January 2019.

“Ireland is one of the worst emissions offenders but we are pushing on an open door,” said Graham Caswell, CCL Ireland’s Leader. “It’s crunch time”.

Nigeria may also be looking at carbon pricing as well. CCL Nigeria is working towards creating the political will for CF&D.

“Nigeria has an economy as big as Russia,” said Cathy Orlando (Canada), “And an oil producing country so if they take up CF&D it will have a real effect on the rest of the world.” As the CCL International Outreach Manager, Cathy congratulated the efforts of David Michael Terungwa of CCL Nigeria and CCL Africa co-ordinator.

CCL Panama made Parachutes for the Planet to engage citizens and politicians through art, as well as create excellent promotion at the World Youth Day organised by the Catholic Church. 33 parachutes created by young people were displayed around the Rommel Fernandez Stadium in Panama City for Pope Francis’ address.

James Collis from CCL Portugal reported how they are working with a coalition of EU members, gathering support to urge the EU to consider carbon fee and dividend.

Raj Phukan from CCL India shared how his country is suffering a water crisis and how they are desperate to find a solution.

World Youth Day 2019

World Youth Day 2019

World Youth Day 2019