Ed Hopkins, from Dark Green PR, joins our June national online meeting.

He asks: what is the CCL/climate income story and to whom do we tell it?

Getting our message right is vital, especially for a policy-orientated organisation such as ours. How do we talk to them and what do we say?

And who/where do we tell it? Traditional media – as well as social media – still as an important role to play in supporting our lobbying efforts.

Ed says, “Being dark green means a holistic approach to combatting the climate emergency. We have an ethical responsibility to drive systemic change. This means the food we choose, the way we travel, the energy we use, the clothes we wear, and the money we invest all need to improve.”

While at Greenhouse PR, Ed led the media campaign for The Climate Coalition’s ‘The Time Is Now’ campaign, the largest ever mass lobby of parliament.

He has since, as of April this year, set up his own PR agency, Dark Green PR. Dark Green’s goal is to deliver genuine impact for brands working to improve the world around us and protect the planet’s delicate climate. From sustainable food, to IoT technology, to energy efficiency, to sustainable investing, to minimising waste, Dark Green PR is working with companies on a green mission.

Ed has over seven years’ experience working on high-profile accounts for a leading PR and communications agency (Brands2Life), and for a specialist sustainability-focussed agency (Greenhouse PR). Ed worked on many accounts, including Triodos Bank, Good Energy, Clim8 Invest, Yelo, Climate-KIC, Carbon Tracker, Unfriend Coal, and the UK Student Climate Network.

Meeting details

Tuesday 16th June
7.30pm introduction for new members
8pm for the talk with Ed

How to join

We use Zoom, which you can join either through a browser or via the Zoom app.

Please email with the name you will use on Zoom. The password and weblink to the meeting will be emailed in reply.

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