About a fortnight ago we reported the success of the Citizen:mk campaign to ask Milton Keynes Council to commend a national policy based on Carbon Fee & Dividend (passed unaminously on July 14th). The CCL member who master minded the campaign, Rob Paton, is also a Member of Milton Keynes Quakers and has succeeded in getting the news as first item in this week’s national Quaker magazine, The Friend……

Rob Paton, of Milton Keynes Meeting, told the Friend: ‘Under this arrangement, fuel levies are paid back to citizens at a flat rate – so the wealthiest who use fossil fuels the most pay the most, while the less well off receive back more than the amount they pay in increased fuel prices.’ He added: ‘It’s vital to secure the buy-in of those citizens who are struggling to keep their families fed and housed, and who might otherwise become another generation of fuel tax protesters. Direct payments can secure their support in tackling the climate emergency.’ According to the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, many climate scientists and economists believe that the policy is ‘the fairest and most effective way of getting to zero carbon’.

What a brilliant reminder of the value of sending out a press release after any successful action, do take advantage of the fact that  journalists are ‘hungry’ for copy!

The Friend also reports on a ‘West Midlands Climate Assembly’….The assembly was billed to ‘connect with and beyond the climate movement, joining up with trade unions, faith groups, housing campaigners, anti-racist activists, LGBTQ campaigners, local community organisers and more’.  

It’s worthwhile keeping an eye out for such events happening near you, or helping to bring one about! They can be a great way to spread the word about Climate Income, especially if you can campaign for an endorsement of the policy at council level. Do watch the short video of part of the Milton Keynes council meeting for inspiration!

Photograph shows Campbell Park, Milton Keynes