Exciting times for the climate in November – it’s COP26 in Glasgow and, thanks to the ZeroC petition, MPs will debate carbon pricing in parliament on Monday 1st November.

We need you to write to your MP, today, asking them to take part and to voice support for Climate Income which now has support across the political spectrum.

Our sample email is below – do make it more personal to you and/or your MP, but the important thing is speed – copy and paste is better than no email.

Please write today even if this is the only time you ever write on our behalf, or you wrote yesterday.

Find and write to your MP here. Please forward or copy your email to us too.

Dear [MP name],

As a constituent, and member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK, I am writing to urge you to take part in the November 1st parliamentary debate on introducing charges on carbon emissions.

In particular, I’d like you to speak in favour of Climate Income, a policy supported by the left-leaning Green Party, the right-leaning Centre for Policy Studies and by 28 Nobel Prize winning economists. It’s also been supported by newspapers ranging from the Telegraph to the Guardian.

Any policy with support this broad must have merit, as recognised by the UK government itself in its 2020 carbon pricing report. The idea is that the polluter should pay through an upstream carbon fee, but that ordinary families are protected from the increased prices on high-carbon goods by a universal dividend.

For the sources quoted above, visit https://citizensclimatelobby.uk/cpparliamentdebate

Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Many thanks for your work,

[sender’s first/last names]
[sender’s address including postcode]
[sender’s phone number]