In May this year Citizens’ Climate International (CCI) Activists from all over the world submitted ‘Talanoa Dialogue’ videos on the topic of climate ambition. You can watch the compilation video on the CCI website here, it includes a short extract from the UK video, written and presented by Dave Waltham at 2.50. This autumn the Taloanoa Dialogue theme is financial flows with the UK video submitted by Catherine Dawson.

CCI states that… In a series of brief videos, leaders from Citizens’ Climate International across the globe will discuss their passionate conversations about shifting money in a way that makes our planet prosperous and fair for everyone. There are numerous practical solutions: carbon pricing with rebates, measures at borders to address carbon emissions, funding for loss and damage, support for adapting to climate change, financing efforts to reduce emissions, changes to the Bretton Woods system, rules for financial organizations, forgiving debts, food financing, biodiversity financing, making polluters pay, lawsuits and many other options. Our leaders will be using the Talanoa Dialogue method.

What is a Talanoa Dialogue.

Talanoa is a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good. The process of Talanoa involves the sharing of ideas, skills and experience through storytelling. During the process, participants build trust and advance knowledge through empathy and understanding. Blaming others and making critical observations are inconsistent with building mutual trust and respect, and therefore inconsistent with the Talanoa concept. the videos will be broadcast at 1pm (GMT) on the 21st November in a 75 minute programme.

The latest Talanoa dialogue is now available to watch online. 

In preparation for COP28, CCI hosted our third Global Talanoa Dialogue on Nov. 21 with a focus on redirecting financial flows. CCI volunteers from Africa, Asia, North America, the Pacific, and both Western and Eastern Europe shared their perspectives and concerns. In a series of short videos, our leaders from across the globe talked about shifting money in a way that makes our planet prosperous and fair for everyone using the Talanoa Dialogue method. The event was viewed live by 97 people and 60 have since watched the recording. 

CCI Program Director Cathy Orlando said, “After experiencing the Talanoa Dialogue, one big take-home message for me is that the complex global crises of pollution and inequality are multidimensional and will require complex solutions and interwoven narratives to solve them. Consequently, we must be wary of politicians and organizations spouting simple narratives.  Here is the beautiful thing about what we’re going through collectively: if we do our work of deep listening, the crises we face will teach us how to grow our minds, hearts, and spirits.” (from CCI newsletter Nov 23).