Delegates from Citizens’ Climate International (CCI) are active at COP28…….’As we near the end of Week 1 of the COP28, there is consensus that ambition needs to rise quickly. Accelerated timelines & mobilization of expanded funds for transformational climate action are key’# #

CCI is inviting us to catch up with what’s happening on a Zoom call this Friday (15.15 PM)……

We hope you can join us when we broadcast live on Zoom just past the midpoint at COP 28 on Friday,  December 8.  We will share stories and the latest projections of where the GHGs are heading. You can ask us questions. We want to hear from you too. What are you hearing in your country while we are in Dubai UAE at COP 28?

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If you can’t make the Friday call there will be a chance to hear from COP28 at the CCI monthly information call…….

Join us at Citizens’ Climate International on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, to learn how you can help drive evidence-based and socially-just climate action. This month’s call will have a strong focus on COP 28. There are three convenient times to choose from. (13.00 PM, 19.00 PM, 01.00 AM).

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