Take Action

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a grassroots action group.

We don’t do petitions. We do positive actions, people to people, to bring about Carbon Fee and Dividend, the solution to climate change and air pollution.

We call these the ‘five levers of political will’: lobbying, the media, grassroots, grasstops and local groups.

We do this with respect, gratitude and a supportive attitude – no matter our personal politics.

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Lobbying: Know your MP

political leaders

It might feel like politicians set the agenda and we have nothing to do with it.

But – and this is probably the most important message – politicians serve us.

Whether rich or poor, ‘powerful’ or not, left, centre or right, we create ‘political will’. If enough of us tell our MPs we care about something and we want something to happen, it is their job, their responsibility to make it happen.

The key CCL action is to have a productive and friendly relationship with our constituency MP – through an email or letter, by meeting them and by inviting them to local CCL events.

Get something in the media

mediaSpread the word about the solution to climate change and air pollution, Carbon Fee and Dividend.

You could write a letter to your local paper, magazine, TV news programme or online news site, or be interviewed or have a news piece about an action you are taking part in locally, or ask them to list a local CCL event in their what’s on guide.

Or, if you are a specialist (scientist, doctor, teacher, business owner, accountant, writer, artist, etc) in some area, write to a magazine, website, journal relevant to you about why finding a solution to climate change and air pollution (i.e. CF&D) is important to your specialism or profession.

If you have connections with the national media, meet with them to gain their support and positive reports of CF&D.

Grassroots outreach

Ask if you can host a table at a local event – parish fete, school fair, business expo/conference, work event, music festival, in your local shopping centre, etc, etc.
It’s a great opportunity to chat to people and raise awareness of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Carbon Fee and Dividend. You can also take postcards or sample letters, ask people to sign them there and then, collect them and deliver them to your local MP.

Give presentations to a group of people. This could be your local environmental group, Rotary, church/mosque/temple, etc, local Friends of the Earth/Greenpeace, etc, WI, local political party, local council, etc.


illustrious company

President Barack Obama, right, Leonardo DiCaprio, left, and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

If you know someone (or are you someone) with public clout – actor, ‘celebrity’ scientist/environmentalist/economist, etc, business CEO, writer, board member of a national charity, etc? Talk to them about CF&D and ask them if they and/or their business or organisation will publicly endorse the solution. Let us know if they do!

Local Groups

Meeting in the flesh with other like-minded people is so important to staying motivated and taking positive action. It’s much easier if you are doing it as part of a team. Either join an existing one, or, with our help, start your own.

And…Social media

If you are active on social media or other online communities, do use these respectfully to support your actions by connecting with groups, the media, MPs, influential people and more.