Meet your MP

Claire Perry

Rt Hon Claire Perry, MP for Devizes and Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth (2017-19)

So you’ve written a letter and the next step is to meet your MP. If you haven’t met them before, it may seem daunting. But having a productive working relationship with your MP is one of the most important things you can do as a CCL activist, so thank you for getting started and good luck!

Here are a few tips to help

As long as you stick to the CCL approach, you can only get it right – with respect,  gratitude and by being informed. Begin by saying thank you for their work as an MP  (regardless of how you feel about their politics) and you will get off on the right foot.

They work for you! They are just a person who works for you, their constituent. It doesn’t matter if your local MP is the prime minister, they were elected to serve the people in their constituency: they are your representative in our UK democracy.

Take people with you. It’s easier with a few supportive people, especially if they are also constituents.

It’s good to leave them with homework. Make a request to follow up – anything which keeps the conversation going is good.

You only need to know the basics of Climate Income and that will be fine. Your first visit is to ask them to look into it, rather than them or you having all the answers. If they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, then say you will look into it and get back to them. If they don’t know an answer to your question, ask them to get back to you with an answer.If you can’t easily find the answer you need – drop us a line.

You only need to know the basics of CCLwe are an international grassroots, non-partisan organisation lobbying for a carbon fee and dividend to tackle climate change and air pollution.

Use your first visit as an introduction. Have a conversation with open ended questions. How seriously do they take climate change and air pollution? What changes have they personally witnessed? What worries them the most? What is the most important thing the UK is doing right now to tackle climate change and air pollution? What do they think of a Climate Income as a solution? Please could they talk to the energy minister or treasury about it and get back to you with their response?

Find out about them first – MPs are usually active on Facebook and Twitter, with a website, blog, and weekly emails. Find out more about them at Use it to find a reason to congratulate them as well as to know where they stand on climate change, etc.

Arrange a visit through their website or local office. You may be able to have a special appointment, or see your MP at their local surgery. Even if it’s a drop-in surgery, we advise you write to them first, let them know you are coming and what you’ll be talking about.

And don’t forget to invite them to your climate or CCL event.

Advice from the UK parliament.

Any more questions? Need support? Email or ring Louisa Davison at CCL on 01672 811515.