Write to the media

Media is so diverse these days.

There’s the old stalwarts – print, TV and radio. But now there’s digital news, podcasts, YouTube, Twitch, TicTok, Instagram, Twitter, and onandon…

Ideas for content

Write a letter to your local paper, magazine, TV news programme or online news site; give an interview or have a news piece about an action you are taking part in locally, or ask them to list a local CCL event in their what’s on guide.

Or, if you are a specialist (scientist, doctor, teacher, business owner, accountant, writer, artist, etc) in some area, write to a magazine, website, journal relevant to you about why Climate Income could be a powerful tool in tackling climate change.

Comment on a digital news piece. Start a conversation on your local noticeboard. Join in or begin a local Facebook group. Create opinion pieces to share on YouTube. Tweet your thoughts and get into (respectful) conversations with influencers.

If you have connections with the national media, meet with them to gain their support and positive reports of CF&D.

If you have organised a special CCL event or are taking part in a national CCL campaign, you can publicise it on a local online listings, or in the what’s on section of your local newspaper.  Ask the Newsdesk if they would publish a report about the event before and after it has happened (sending them a press release) .

If your workplace has an in-house publication, offer to write them an article.

Good luck! And share your publication success.