Support for Carbon Fee and Dividend In The United States

Support for Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Carbon Fee and Dividend comes from economists, scientists, business leaders, faith leaders, local governments, and editorial boards across the political spectrum. All can see the clear benefits of our fully-rebated revenue-neutral carbon tax. This market-based solution will save lives, create jobs, and boost our economy while reducing the risks associated with climate change.

State, County and City Resolutions

Through the work of CCL volunteers, states, counties and cities around the country have approved official resolutions in support of Carbon Fee and Dividend. Local governments are calling on Congress to address climate change because national action is needed to address rising carbon emissions.

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Editorial Endorsements

Newspaper editorial boards play a crucial role in shaping the public conversation on climate change. Around the country, editorial boards have come out in favor of Congressional action on climate and using a market-based price on fossil fuels to spur change.

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Advisory Board

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s advisory board, which includes elected officials, economists, scientists, activists, artists and military leaders from across the political spectrum, shows the breadth and strength of support for our work.

CCL’s Advisory Board