Here’s an example of a letter which could be written regarding the carbon pricing report:

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP
Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth
and Member of Parliament for the Devizes Constituency

Via: [email protected]

Dear Claire,

I’m writing to you about the latest report from Policy Exchange, a think tank with which I’m sure you are familiar.

The report – The Future of Carbon Pricing: implementing an independent carbon tax with dividends in the UK – recommends almost exactly the populist pollution tax for which Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK has been campaigning.

The report recommends:-

  • A steadily rising and economy-wide, paid by companies that sell fossil fuels in the UK
  • It is structured around border adjustments
  • It funds dividends from carbon taxation that are returned directly to the public in an annual lump sum, to lock in political and public support for fighting climate change
  • It allows a rationalisation of environment regulations without reducing environmental protection, as an economy-wide carbon tax will make a number of existing carbon taxes and policies redundant. Eventually at least 10 direct carbon taxes would be rationalised into a single unified price.

The cross-party foreword by Lord Hague and Lord Darling says “cleaning up our own energy system will mean little if we simply outsource our emissions” and “If carbon taxes are seen to unduly punish that average citizen, they will fail. That is why Policy Exchange’s idea of recycling the revenue from carbon taxation back to the people in the form of a ‘carbon dividend’ is worth exploring. It would make a carbon tax both progressive and popular.”

I will be making an appointment to see you in the autumn to discuss this and what would be the next step forward for a carbon fee (or tax) and dividend.

The report is here:

In the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts.

Yours sincerely,

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