This 15 minute You Tube film is a brilliant endorsement of carbon taxation in general and CF&D in particular (although Stephen Fry doesn’t name the policy as such). He points out that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans and the IMF states that a 75$per tonne tax on carbon would keep global warming at under 2 degrees! He states that the IMF also claimed that if prices had been corrected in 2015, global carbon dioxide emissions would be 28% lower the same affect of removing all transport emissions, the economy would have grown faster and the death rate would have been halved!

A great You Tube film to watch and good ammo for the climate deniers in your life! Do add a comment as this is an easy way to make people aware of CCL as an example I have posted this in response to……

Any carbon tax is a direct tax on the working class make no mistake….

Carbon Fee and Dividend or Climate Income taxes carbon production at source, it gradually increases so it becomes cheaper to develop renewables. The tax goes back to the citizen as a dividend which offsets the rising price of carbon in the interim. This is the policy Canada and Switzerland use. Unlike current green tariffs it doesn’t penalise the consumer and would make electricity cheaper than gas, thus, for example benefiting people having to use expensive electricity in UK social housing as well as being a market led method of encouraging decarbonisation and making carbon capture cost effective. Please see websites by Citizen’s Climate Lobbies such as

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