When the Devizes CCL group arranged a meeting with our new MP Danny Kruger in early 2020 he admitted that he was no expert on the issue of climate change and had no particular opinion on it but he was willing to learn more…..

We were not disheartened and did our research on Danny’s concerns and how to engage with him. Thanks to the persistence of one of our members, Richard Day, in writing to Danny on the issue of CF&D, and the engagement of other local environmental groups such as Sustainable Devizes, Danny has recently hosted the Wiltshire Climate Summit (A.M) and P.M

Judy Hindley, one of the founder members of CCL UK wrote a report on the summit for the online Marlborough News…….

Roughly two years ago,  Wiltshire Council declared a climate emergency and called for Wiltshire to become carbon neutral by 2030.  On Friday, 19 February,  200 of us joined an all-day Zoom to begin for the first time to discuss, as a community, the specifics of how this might be achieved.

The session included contributions from the Council, The MOD, (who are taking the security threat of climate change very seriously and acting fast), farmers, conservation and energy businesses, a Green Party representative, a government spokesman, our former MP Claire O’Neill and our local hero Joe Brindle…

Eighteen-year-old Joe Brindle, leader of the Teach the Future Campaign (whose presentation was perhaps the best received of all), called for a new deal in schools, so that teachers are trained to convey the full facts of the changing climate, and pupils leave school with the right skills and knowledge to find secure, future-fit work in the green economy.

Despite connection difficulties which were a sharp reminder of the shortcomings of the rural broadband roll out, CCL leader Louisa Davison delivered a strong argument for the CF&D policy…

A Wiltshire farmer Tim Wade raised the unasked question of how much Johnson’s Ten Point Plan  – and this transition to Net Zero –  will cost.  ‘Who will pay?’ he asked.

But immediately afterwards, Louisa Davison of Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK supplied a large part of the answer. 

With Climate Income, the policy advocated by CCL UK,  fossil fuel companies themselves will start to do so,  via a steadily rising fee returned in equal shares to all of us citizens.  It’s been estimated that this policy alone will lower emissions by 40% in just 12 years – at no cost to government or tax-payer.

With the environment constantly in the headlines at the moment (was there ever such a concern about the environmental effects of a forthcoming Budget?), now is the perfect time to get a dialogue going with your MP and other local environmental groups on local and national solutions to climate change including, of course, CF&D!

Pictured above : The dried up River Kennet at Manton, Wilts last summer – a sign of things to come?