Someone alerted us on Twitter the other day to a petition he’s set up:

The text of the petition is:

Implement a UK carbon dividend and tax on fossil fuels with immediate effect.

Carbon fee and dividend is levying a progressively rising tax on carbon-based fuels, then returning some or all of the revenue to the public as a regular energy dividend. This incentivizes a shift to low-carbon energy while protecting consumers from any increases in the costs of carbon-based fuels.

This is the carbon fee and dividend policy that CCL is lobbying for so it’s well worth signing, and when you sign the petitions site will provide a link to your MP, inviting you to contact them to let them know you’ve signed this petition. If you haven’t already made contact with your MP, this could be a good ice breaker. Tell them why you’ve signed it. Ask them what they think of the policy.

There are also links letting you share the petition on social media, which is how these petitions often gain traction.

Petitions that get 10,000 signatures will get a response from the government and those with 100,000 signatures will be considered for a debate in Parliament.