Our latest campaign is really simple – click, sign and share:

CCL EU has set up a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to ask the European Commission to implement carbon fee and dividend across its member states.

When enough people have signed, the European Commission is required to investigate and, if possible, make it legislation.

If the EU adopted carbon fee and dividend, not only would it be good for emissions across the EU, as the second biggest economy in the world, it would have significant influence on other economies across the globe, especially the UK and the US.

The ECI is much more than a petition. It was submitted to the European Commission and passed a vetting process. The ECI has to reach 1 million signatures from across the EU by May next year. British signatures will be counted if signed while in the EU.

So we need to get our skates on before 31 October, the date set for the UK to leave the EU – click, sign and share:


Write to your MEP

To make the biggest impact, write to your MEPs about it too. Send a message to them that you are supporting the EU Citizens’ Initiative for Carbon Fee and Dividend – you can message all your regional representatives in one go via www.writetothem.com