Doing local and individual actions are great – and the foundation of CCL. But to give CCL real backbone, we need people working at a national level to support our members.

Could you get involved?

The more people get involved, the more we can spread out the work and the more effective we are at getting the UK to adopt carbon fee and dividend and the better we can tackle climate change.

Here’s the kind of things we need. (Training will be given where people already know how to do it!)

  • Steering group members – strategy, planning, governance, liaison with international groups
  • Parliamentary / political party / legislation team – keep us up to date on the latest developments, support for political party / MP relationships, keeping tabs on which MPs have been contacted
  • Fundraising team
  • Membership team
  • Digital team – social media, website development, e-news, video instructionals and promotional, web content writing
  • Media team – CCL press releases, letters to the editor
  • Creative team – creative ways to promote CCL eg stunts, arts projects, writing, music, films
  • Economics team – how do the numbers work? How will CF&D affect the UK economy?
  • Local groups team – to support new local groups; regional co-ordinators
  • Blog writers
  • Campaign team – coordinating national and monthly campaigns and action
  • Monthly online meetings – organising speakers, sending out actions and notifications
  • Events team – national conference, providing support for taking stands at events, support for regional events
  • Grassroots team – support for those communicating with local groups, whether that’s raising awareness or asking for endorsements
  • Grasstops team – support for those communicating with national organisations and ‘celebrities’, whether that’s raising awareness or asking for endorsements
  • EU team – liaise with groups across the EU

Or: suggest something!

Contact us at info or join the monthly meeting to discuss (Tuesday 15 October, 8pm –