Two members of CCL UK will be lobbying MEPs at the European Parliament Brussels in February.

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Despite leaving the EU on the 31st January, British citizens are still able to talk to the EU parliament.

The delegates will be two of a dozen lobbying more than 20 MEPs for a climate income, on 19th and 20th February.

“We want Europe to step forward as one of the 3 largest economies in the world”, said James Collis delegate from UK. “The EU has the economic might to make a real difference on the world stage. While we wait for the UK to clarify its position on EU climate policy alignment, it seems that we citizens still have the right to talk to the EU parliament even if our elected MEPs no longer do.”

CCL started lobbying the European Parliament last November to support the climate income European Citizens’ Initiative (which EU members can still sign) for a ‘fast, fair and effective solution to climate change’.

The group is twice the size of the group in November – with CCL members from France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, UK and Belgium – and will hold meetings with MEPs specifically interested in solving the Climate Crisis.