axolotlBack in March (pre-CV), BBC journalist, Victoria Gill, gave a fascinating and uplifting TED talk.

The subject was the potential extinction of the Mexican axolotl, a type of salamander.

To save the axolotl, the scientists had to work with a local order of nuns, a lesson on the role of humility and lack of hubris.

Victoria will join us at our monthly May meeting to talk about how these two disparate groups were brought together – and how being able to do this is essential in making any positive change.

Tuesday 19th May
ime: 7.30 intro for new members
8pm for Victoria’s talk

We have changed the way to join our monthly meetings. Please email Louisa with the name you will use on Zoom and she will email you the password and weblink to the meeting. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment for you and all our genuine participants.

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Victoria with the Sisters of the Immaculate Health