National meeting: Tuesday 15th June 2021 8pm (via Zoom)

Panel: Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Kremer, Brian Utton and Prof. Dave Waltham

How could the oil industry help decarbonise the global economy?

Oil has shareholders, pension funds invested in it and enjoys the world’s biggest profits – it isn’t going to fade away. There are committed assets which can only be realised by burning oil and gas.

Is our Carbon Income policy the best way to ease the industry out of its predicament? Will they work with us or fight us?

In this panel discussion in the June monthly meeting we will ask:

  • What are the transition priorities for the oil industry?
  • How they see climate income (aka a carbon fee with dividends)?
  • How can CCL UK best advocate our policy to the industry here?

Dr. Larry Kremer has been a member of CCL in the USA since 2014 and has been to Washington many times to lobby Congress and, for several years, has been co-lead of Team OIL at CCL. A career spent developing products for the chemical and energy sectors, Larry has clocked up 30 years at Baker Hughes, an oil field service company and has 20 US patents and over 50 publications to his name.

Larry will be joined on the panel by some of our own CCL UK campaigners Brian Utton, who worked has worked in the oil industry for 31 years, and Prof. Dave Waltham a geophysicist who has spent most of his university career, until recently, teaching students to search for oil.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions in this informal discussion and add to the panel contribution.

Following on will be a round up of CCL and member news. If you haven’t already registered for the national monthly meetings, click here.

Photo: C. Morris, Pixabay