It’s hard to stay optimistic in the face of the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

So Charles Hodgson, with many volunteers, has produced a graphic book set in a future where we have solved the problem of climate change, thanks to the IPCC report. Because IPCC is a project of the Canadian charity Succession.

It beautifully explains how the report – and peer reviewed science – works and why we need to listen to it.

Download the book, for free.

CCL Canada has also produced a laser talk with all the top information to inwardly digest to answer your MP/elected rep’s tricky questions, such as: the IPCC Working Group II included 270 authors from 67 countries, 47 coordinating authors, 184 lead authors, and 39 review editors. The report also draws on the work of 675 contributing authors and over 34,000 cited references. Before reaching the final product, Working Group II received a total of 62,418 expert and government review comments.

And: The IPCC praised the importance of carbon pricing:

“Pricing of greenhouse gases, including carbon, is a crucial tool in any cost-effective climate change mitigation strategy, as it provides a mechanism for linking climate action to economic development.”

Read the CCL Canada laser talk on the IPCC, here.