Information for policy makers on climate income / carbon fee and dividend

This page created May 2020

If you are a UK policymaker, here are some fact-finding links to support research into:

  • whether a climate income (carbon fee & dividend CF&D) is the correct mechanism for curbing a substantial amount of fossil fuel-generated greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)
  • how a UK CF&D carbon pricing instrument (CPI) can be shaped

To discuss this in more depth, in the first instance, please contact Louisa Davison.

Carbon Fee & Dividend in depth (prepared by CCL EU)

UK reports

Working with an emissions trading system (ETS)

– The CF&D instrument, methodology, coverage and fairness and how it would work with an ETS.

This briefing was prepared for the EU Inception Impact Assessment – Ares(2020)1350037, Carbon Border Adjustment mechanism, for the European Green Deal

How does it work in Canada?

British Columbia, Canada has had CF&D since 2008; it was then introduced to other Canadian provinces without a similarly effective carbon price (ie a backstop) in January 2019.

Overview of Canada’s CPI

Canada’s greenhouse gas inventory

Canada’s estimated results of the federal carbon pollution pricing system

How does it work in Swizerland?

Progress in the US

Other organisations