Talk with people

There’s so many ways you could talk with people.

On the most basic level, turn to your family member, friend or colleague and talk with them about their concerns about climate change and what Climate Income could offer.

Then there’s these:


  • give a talk to a local group – Rotary, WI, science group, discussion group, school group, local church group, political branch, parish council…
  • take part in a local event and talk with participants – environmental fair, political event, conference, school fete…
  • give a talk to your work place

There’s lots of training and resources at Citizens’ Climate Community – sign up via to get a CCE login

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  • give a talk to a regional or national organisation or company – environmental groups, business groups, trade unions, political parties, religious councils
  • have a one-to-one with a key influencer – celebrities, scientists, economists, broadcasters, journalists, YouTubers, TikTokers

Go in with curiosity and kindness and aim to develop good relationships. Have a look at our Motivational Interview technique training:

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