In a recent blog I mentioned the value of writing to the media to get more people aware of the advantages of CF&D and that we have set up a media team. A CCL Europe member, Brigitte van Gerven, has just written a very good explanation of why CCL Europe is planning to do the same…….

 The goal is to establish a good relationship with the mainstream press and other media, make the carbon fee and dividend and CCL more well known among journalists, and to get articles, letters, and opinion pieces published in the mainstream media…..

When we go lobbying politicians their reactions are generally positive, we have their respect and we come across as people who know what they are talking about. But there are still some barriers which make politicians hesitate to go a step further and support CF&D.

1.    CF&D should become more well known
2.    CF&D should be broadly supported by the public
3.    CF&D should be more credible e.g. backed up by experts and studies
4.    CF&D should be perceived as feasible within the EU context

The media group can contribute significantly to 1. and 2. and therefore advance our cause. An article in the mainstream press genuinely attracts the attention of politicians and makes them take notice. Even more ideal would be if we succeed in starting a public discussion about the CF&D in the media.

If you would like to join our media team – just drop a note to [email protected].