The latest IPCC Report confirms that the most dire predicted consequences of climate change are happening to our planet right now and will only get worse if we don’t act immediately. There is a useful summary of the key points in this freely accessible Belfast Telegraph article and an in depth Q &A in Carbon Brief. For the Citizens Climate International analysis read here.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also alerted Europe, particularly Germany, to its dangerous dependence on imported fossil fuels; prompting it to aim for an almost 100% renewable energy supply by 2035 rather than the previous vague ‘well before 2040’. Oil companies like BP and Shell are also pulling out their stakes in Russian owned oilfields and the Nordstrom pipeline. 

Today’s Bloomberg Green newsletter reports that a Russian member of the IPPC research team apologised for the invasion in an UN organised virtual meeting last weekend, responding to this remark by Ukrainian researcher Svitlana Krakovska.

“Someone could question us that IPCC is not a political body, and should only assess science related to climate change. Let me assure you that this human-induced climate change and war against Ukraine have direct connections and the same roots. They are fossil fuels and humanity’s dependence on them“.

“While emissions of greenhouse gas have changed the energy balance of the planet, the ease of receiving energy from burning coal, oil and gas has changed the balance of power in the human world. We cannot change laws of the physical world but it is our responsibility to change laws of human civilization towards a climate resilient future“.

We need to move away from fossil fuels sooner rather than later for the sake of the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. Countries must aim to be no longer beholden to the realpolitick of fossil fuel supply. 

Climate Income is the most effective way to price fossil fuels out of the market without making life worse for people. 

Finally this interesting article points out how a worldwide Climate Income could alleviate poverty worldwide

…..We find that if all countries adopt the necessary uniform global carbon tax and then return the revenues to their citizens on an equal per capita basis, it will be possible to meet a 2 °C target while also increasing wellbeing, reducing inequality and alleviating poverty. These results indicate that it is possible for a society to implement strong climate action without compromising goals for equity and development. (The principle would stand for the new target of 1.5 degrees).