James Hansen has written a letter to Boris, which has been published in an article in the Guardian, ,asking that he set an example to the world at COP 26 by taking the lead on fighting climate change through the implementation of carbon fee and dividend:

Why has such a policy not been adopted in the United States? Many congress
people in the US are well-oiled, coal-fired and full of gas. Fee-and-dividend scares
the bejesus out of the fossil fuel industry. But it need not be their kryptonite,
because far-thinking companies can retool and invest in both carbon-free energy and
negative emissions technologies.
Thus, one leader with the courage to take on the special interests could change the
world’s energy course and alter the future for young people and other life on the
planet. Where may we find such a leader?

James then suggests that Boris talks to CCL UK and PlanB.Earth. Among other fantastic outcomes (hopefully) from this letter it gives CCL a far bigger public profile and is a great opportunity  to talk about CF&D to other organisations and the media.

NB for a link to the letter please see David Waltham’s blog: Jim Hansen’s letter to the PM, my techy skills (barely existent) are failing me!

Catherine Dawson