I was made aware of the motion that went through Milton Keynes council by a mentor of mine, Jake Chapman, and immediately saw the importance of the Climate Fee and Dividend system. For too long, corporate giants have exploited our political and economic systems, citing the mantra of growth, while devastating ecosystems and communities alike. It is abundantly clear that profound changes in our cultural priorities are now essential. It is no simple task, however, to untangle centuries of complex power dynamics and accumulated precedents. I believe that the CFD system offers a clean, simple and powerful step in the right direction. A step that could help us avoid catastrophic climate breakdown, whilst increasing corporate accountability. 

 Whilst progressive motions can be met with less-than enthusiastic receptions at SHDC, after a bit of backstage haggling, I was thrilled that the council voted unanimously  (from 1.49.30) to support the aims of the CFD system and to lobby central government to appraise the impact of carbon pricing based on this approach and to publish the results. I would like to thank Milton Keynes Council for leading the way on this and I very much hope that many more councils will follow suit.

Cllr Joseph Rose

Green Party


Tackling the Climate Emergency – Carbon Fee and Dividend

South Hams District Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Council welcomes the work of SHDC officers to create and begin to implement our CC&B Action Plan, aligning with the DCC Carbon Plan; however, we recognise wider carbon neutrality and meaningful climate action will require bolder national policies.

 Council notes:

  • That stated current government policy is to reduce carbon emissions by 68% on 1990 levels by 2030;
  • The deeply felt concerns of many SHDC residents who are aware that national and international expert advisory bodies report that progress to date is insufficient to meet the global challenge on climate change by 2030.

Council agrees:

  • With the widely understood principle that polluters should pay for the damage they cause;
  • That it would be unfair for residents of rural areas to be held accountable for pollution generated through lack of public transport available;
  • On the importance of ensuring a solid social and political consensus to sustain the transition to a low carbon way of life;

And therefore, South Hams District Council resolves to:

  • Support the principle of the Carbon Fee and Dividend system;
  • Lobby HM Government to appraise the impacts of carbon pricing based on this approach and publish the results;
  • Ask the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to express these views. 

 Thank you