At a lively meeting of Henley’s CCLUK meeting on June 4th, we discussed how to create media follow-up to our most recent campaign and took up the challenge from the CCL UK ‘mother ship’ to publish in newspapers.

We discussed guidance from several sources – the CCL US website, a local business meeting where one of us heard from the Henley Standard Editor, plus a great online article by the Guardian letters editor giving guidance on writing letters they’d want to publish. But the best part was sharing our own experience.

One of us had earlier got a Carbon Fee & Dividend letter published in the Henley Standard, piggy-backing on the sugar-tax in drinks! . Tax is the agreed and successful way to reduce things we find harmful to society (like fags as well as sugary drinks). Why not for climate-changing carbon?

A member googled ‘sugar tax’ and found that, guess what, the Express that same day had an article on a proposed extension of it. But of course, a simple tax on fossil fuels could be very unpopular (especially in the editorial of the Express) … hence let’s give the funds collected back to the population … simples.

That night, after happy consumption of drinks & nibbles a letter to the Express was on its way. We look forward next meeting to discussing the response to our letters on the G7 campaign. Watch this space!