Actions and notes after the national meeting, 19 Nov 2019

Climate Income

It was agreed to rebrand carbon fee and dividend to climate income with the following guidelines:-

Keep CF&D as the policy name when talking to policy makers. They understand and appreciate that we have one name for promotion and the official name which more prosaically describes the policy.
We need a page on the website which explains this.
Offer advice to members that if they have already contacted their MP/MEP, to refer to it as Climate Income (carbon fee & dividend) in future.

Election: Political party comparison charts

  • We agreed to make a meeting date for interested parties to create this chart, based on the parties’ manifestos.
  • Then disseminate to national press.
  • The purpose is both to highlight political party commitment to pricing GHG* pollution and, later, to hold them to account.
  • To remind voters that climate change is the priority.
  • If it is rigorous enough it will achieve positive publicity.

Recent CCL Canada table which worked really well and received praise for its rigor:  

Accompanying press release:  

If you want to be involved in this, email Louisa.


Advice on attending hustings, see this post:


Keep it positive.

Don’t be frightened to have an introduction to your question: use your questions to educate both candidates and the attendees in climate income – assume no awareness of climate income.

Government’s Consultation on Carbon Pricing

We were really pleased with the membership’s responses to this consultation back in summer. CCL UK responses made up nearly a third of all responses and had a special mention in the report:

Committee on Climate Change’s response: 

Citizens Assembly on Climate Change

Thousands of invitations have gone out to a selection of the public to take part in the Citizens’ Assembly. CCL has been asking to be one of the consultants who brief participants on possible solutions to bringing down GHG* emissions. More here: 

COP 25

The UN annual conference on climate change is now happening in Madrid in December. Cathy Orlando, CCL’s international co-ordinator, will be there and we can potentially request her to attend events at COP on our behalf and ask questions.

Here is an app you can download to find out what the UK is doing at the COP.

Claire Perry, formerly MP for Devizes and the Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, will be the president at COP26, next year in Glasgow: 

*GHG = greenhouse gases