As an affiliate of Citizens’ Climate International (CCI), CCL UK aims to build the political will for a liveable world and is nonpartisan – our aim is to put the case for Climate Income to every major UK party.

We recently succeeded in arranging a meeting and starting a dialogue with Labour MPs Alan Whitehead (Shadow Minister for Energy and the Green New Deal) and Kerry McCarthy (Shadow Minister for Climate Change). We asked Cathy Orlando, Program Director CCI and CCL Canada Director to join the meeting to offer an insight into the Canadian version of Climate Income, the Climate Action Incentive. Cathy took up the offer with alacrity (no air miles were involved) and joined the meeting.

Here’s what she had to say afterwards:

On Monday, February 20, CCL Sudbury member Sophia Mathur was a guest on the Reasons to Be Cheerful podcast with former UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd. It is a small world, because one week after the podcast was aired Sophia’s mom, Cathy Orlando, lobbied Labour MPs Alan Whitehead (Shadow Minister for Energy and the Green New Deal) and Kerry McCarthy (Shadow Minister for Climate Change), alongside CCL UK members Gina Cook, James Collis, Amanda Lake, Katie Clague, and Ed Atkinson. Cathy’s daughter Sophia Mathur spoke with a wisdom and sureness beyond her years and is an inspiration to us all!

4 CCL UK members are also currently involved in a project led by Cathy Orlando alongside CCI members from 19 other countries. We are planning to contact the World Bank to push for the financial reforms needed to unlock the barriers to global energy transition and ‘end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way.’

CCI reports that:

At COP 27, PM Mia Mottley introduced a plan for 500 billion dollars of public money to be invested to unlock five trillion dollars in investment. For perspective, at COP 26, PM Mia Mottley cited a statistic that by November 2021 nine trillion dollars of public money was used to buffer economies globally during the COVID pandemic.

The public money at the World Bank belongs to the people of this planet. It is our right to kindly ask that it be used to create an equitable and thriving planet.

Trillions of dollars of private sector money could be leveraged at the World Bank Group towards a thriving and equitable planet. It is our right and responsibility as citizens all over the world to help with this transformation. It is our money.

Watch this space!