In April Citizens’ Climate International published a press release on the Bretton Woods Action. CCI members from 31 countries, including a UK contingency, sent letters to and phoned their national World Bank Executive Directors requesting that the World Bank Group….

Supports the Bridgetown Initiative of the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley (financial reform to release the capital needed to enable developing and vulnerable countries to adapt and mitigate and free the capital needed to globally transition from fossil fuels). It is gaining support and beginning to work.

Grounds all reforms in human rights and gender equality.

Gives citizens the opportunity to share meaningful input into the reforms. This must go beyond the World Bank Civil Society meetings.

Investigates how money can be dispensed directly to households in need and then develops an implementation plan to do so.

The Spring Meetings are still in progress but delegates were overwhelmed by the CCI action. Cathy Orlando (CCI Director of Programs) reported that there were gasps of astonishment that CCI had succeeded in engaging so many members to act…..I am so grateful for all of your work on the Bretton Woods Action Team. At the World Bank (WB) Spring Meetings, WB staff,  delegates and politicians were in awe of the fact that citizens from over 30 countries contacted their divisions at the World Bank. Merci et tous. 

Our action made a huge and positive impression, as a delegate explained the lack of engagement from concerned citizens makes it hard for the World Bank to work out what the world expects from it. CCI is in the process in working out its next move now it has realised how much influence it can bring to bear in forthcoming talks.

In the meantime here are some suggested actions it is endorsing….

Take Action on Global Financial Reform

In alignment with our work to push global financial flows towards a thriving and equitable planet, we are supporting Global Citizens’ petition to world leaders and financial institutions demanding they Power Up the Planet. The climate crisis and inequality crisis are not separate issues, but are deeply interconnected. We cannot solve one without addressing the other.

Sign the petition that calls on world leaders and financial institutions to prioritise the urgent need for global financial reform to power our planet and create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Sign & share

Take Action on the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Join the World Health Organisation, 3,000 scientists and academics, 600 parliamentarians from 79 countries globally, 101 Nobel laureates and 2,000 civil society organisations, in saying it’s time to stop polluting the atmosphere, destabilising the climate, and degrading our common future.

Endorse the Treaty as an individual or on behalf of your own organisation. Every human being has a right to a clean, healthy environment. Last year, 196 nations formally signed up to that universal principle.

Endorse here