BCAs are currently quite a hot topic. The Sun recently reported that UK Secretary of State for International Trade (Liz Truss) will promote them at the G7 meeting in June. BCAs are also a key component of the EU’s “Green New Deal” and may well be introduced by the EU from the start of 2023.

So, perhaps this is the moment for us to promote one specific component of a carbon-fee and dividend scheme. Perhaps the time has come for a big push for BCAs. We could start by writing to our MPs to suggest they ask Liz Truss to engage with the free-allocations consultation. She may not even be aware of it and may not have yet made the link between BCAs and ETS free-allocations. Something like:

Dear XXX

As a constituent deeply concerned about climate change, I was delighted to see that our International Trade Secretary (Liz Truss) has become interested in Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs, as reported by The Sun on March 30th). Could you possibly ask the Trade Secretary, on my behalf, if she is aware of the current Government Consultation on free allocations in the UK-ETS? Could you also ask her whether discussions within BEIS have looked at the option of phasing out free-allocations and replacing them by BCAs?

Yours sincerely

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