Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK strongly support the Government proposal to offset green energy bills with payouts as reported in The Times today. Boris Johnson has pledged to reach net zero without disproportionately imposing higher costs on customers. Earlier this week he had told MPS that…‘We’ve got to make sure that when we embark on this programme that we have a solution that is affordable, and that works for people….This government is determined to keep bills low and that is a priority’. 

A government spokesman said ‘This government is determined to keep bills low. As we’re already doing through the Renewable Heat Incentive, Energy Company Obligation and upcoming Clean Home Grant, we will use targeted measures to incentivise the people to switch to lower-carbon, more efficient heating systems, providing a transition that is fair, affordable and practical, whist enabling them to save money long-term. More detail on our approach will be provided in the heat and buildings strategy this year’. 

We are pleased that the Government understands the need for a just transition to net zero. Using a Climate Income policy will support householders and the economy.  Imposing a carbon price on emissions at source, will along with the government support already being offered, encourage manufacturers to decarbonise their processes and make Carbon Capture and Storage financially worthwhile. It will enable the reduction of the 40% of UK emissions generated by households whilst maintaining living standards by in most cases, as in the Canadian model, returning more money to low and middle income households than was spent.

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